Author Guidelines


Manuscripts can be in the form of summaries of research results, theoretical/conceptual studies, or case studies (articles sent to the editorial staff are original / have never been published before). 


  1. TITLE: The title must be short (12 words for the main title) and reflect the content of the writing. If the title is too long, it will be split into the main title and subtitles, max. 20 words.
  2. AUTHORS: Author names are listed without titles. Below the author's names are the institution's affiliation and email address. 
  3. ABSTRACT: Abstract about 200 words long, typed in italics using English and Bahasa Indonesia. If the article was written is the result of research, the abstract must contain the research objectives, methods used, results and discussion, and conclusions. Keywords are listed below the abstract.
    1. RESEARCH: Introduction/Pendahuluan, Research methods/Metode Penelitian, Results and Discussion/Hasil dan Pembahasan, Conclusion/Kesimpulan, Acknowledgments (if any)/Ucapan Terima Kasih (jika ada), and Bibliography or references/Daftar Pustaka.
    2. THEORETICAL STUDY / LITERATURE STUDY: Introduction/Pendahuluan, Subtopics according to your needs/Sub Topik, Conclusion/Kesimpulan, Bibliography or references / Daftar Pustaka, Attachments (if necessary)/Lampiran (jika ada)
  5. WRITING FORMATThe manuscript is typed in 1.5 spaces, using the MS Word program, the length of the manuscript is 15-20 pages. Tables, pictures, and charts are given a title number and a maximum of 5 tables/figures. Quotations using APA 6th REFERENCING STYLE. Subtitles are not numbered, in bold, lowercase, and font 12. The table is typed with 1 space, the table number is in accordance with the mention in the text. Each column is given a short subtitle. The maximum number of tables is 5 (five). Writing a bibliography to see the applicable rules. Manuscripts have to be submitted only